Why Sparfell Corporate LeasING?

The current business models fail to meet the new demand


The limitations of current models

  • Full ownership - no longer appropriate for economic and political reasons
  • Fractional ownership - inflexible, costly and complicated
  • Charter - limited to Ad Hoc flights


The new hassle-free tailor-made ACMI solution

  • New demand for a seamless non-ownership model
  • All the benefits of ownership with none of the inconvenience
  • Full cost control
  • Discretion
  • Maximum choice of aircraft and lease terms

ACMI (Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance) is the established, best-practice leasing model used in commercial aviation. Sparfell Leasing now brings ACMI leasing to business aviation.

  • Typically 1/3 less cost than ownership
  • Preserves cash flow – keeps company investments in core business
  • Aircraft does not appear on company’s balance sheet
  • Hassle-free: liability & responsibility for operations, crew, maintenance and insurance are with operator
  • Flexible lease term (2–10 years)
  • Easy to budget
  • Residual value is lessor’s risk
  • Flexible choice of aircraft
  • Easily and effortlessly change aircraft at end of lease
  • Exclusive and dedicated aircraft and crew
  • Client determines aircraft base
  • The highest standard in safety and service
  • Fully compliant solution