Identifying the need to provide lease opportunities for aircraft early on, Sparfell Leasing has positioned itself as a leading company in providing cost efficiency and favourable returns within aircraft leasing. The team tailors structured solutions for clients across the globe to ensure maximum flexibility and maintain cash flow.

"Aircraft ownership, different"

Why Sparfell Leasing?

With years of experience in aviation, Sparfell Leasing is a global leader in aircraft lease. Industry experts are ready to help you every step of the way, from dry and ACMI lease to financial lease and more.

As a leading provider of cost-efficient, lease and asset-based financing solutions to businesses, we can create and tailor the right structured solutions for your unique needs.

  • Sale and leasebacks
  • Aircraft finance leases
  • Aircraft lease management
  • Portfolio mangament
  • Capital market solutions and financial planning
  • Aircraft remarketing and advisory services
  • Aircraft acquisition services
  • Aircraft fleet restructuring
  • Market research and assessment
  • Engine sales
  • Aircraft and engine part outs
  • Passenger to freighter (“P2F”) programmes
  • VIP conversions

Why Sparfell Corporate LeasING?

The current business models fail to meet the new demand


The limitations of current models

  • Full ownership - no longer appropriate for economic and political reasons
  • Fractional ownership - inflexible, costly and complicated
  • Charter - limited to Ad Hoc flights


The new hassle-free tailor-made ACMI solution

  • New demand for a seamless non-ownership model
  • All the benefits of ownership with none of the inconvenience
  • Full cost control
  • Discretion
  • Maximum choice of aircraft and lease terms

ACMI (Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance) is the established, best-practice leasing model used in commercial aviation. Sparfell Leasing now brings ACMI leasing to business aviation.

  • Typically 1/3 less cost than ownership
  • Preserves cash flow – keeps company investments in core business
  • Aircraft does not appear on company’s balance sheet
  • Hassle-free: liability & responsibility for operations, crew, maintenance and insurance are with operator
  • Flexible lease term (2–10 years)
  • Easy to budget
  • Residual value is lessor’s risk
  • Flexible choice of aircraft
  • Easily and effortlessly change aircraft at end of lease
  • Exclusive and dedicated aircraft and crew
  • Client determines aircraft base
  • The highest standard in safety and service
  • Fully compliant solution


A new solution adapted to today's economic & political environment

  • Dedicated aircraft
  • Aircraft corresponds to specific Head of State requirements
  • Flexible lease term
  • Avoids large direct investment
  • Controlled budget
  • No positioning costs
  • No resale value risk
  • Political exposure minimised
  • Hassle-free: liability & responsibility for operations, crew, maintenance and insurance are with the operator
  • The highest standard in safety (flight crew and maintenance) and service
  • Advanced security procedures
  • Advanced medical equipment
  • Latest communications technology


The limitations of current models

  • Public perception
  • Budgetary restrictions
  • Restrictions on capital expenditure
  • Limited supply of Head of State
    chartered aircraft
  • Security issues
  • Unavailable back-up in the case of higher demand for travel or primary aircraft shortfall


Sparfell Leasing's solution

  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • More suitable cabin configurations
  • Budget transparency
  • Security increased


Christian Hatje


Earning his Licensed Engineering Degree in 1993, Christian began his career at Airbus on the engineering and asset management side of the industry spectrum. Traveling the world at Lufthansa Consulting, Christian managed a diversified portfolio of customers ranging from commercial operators to leading corporate clients before taking over responsibilities at Lufthansa Technik for asset management for financiers and leasing companies.​Christian was the founder and head of an aircraft leasing company based in Ireland called Amentum, managing a commercial aircraft portfolio of more than $2.2bn. He then joined the business aviation world and was VP of all business aviation activities at PrivatAir. In 2015, he founded Sparfell & Partners with Philip for the global trading of commercial airliners, business jets and helicopters.​


executive vice-president sales

Philippe started his career by becoming a pilot at age 16 in France, his native country. Later on, he lived in the Middle East was stationed as CEO of a major European industrial company.  After 30 successful years in management and entrepreneurial positions, he was offered to join an aircraft operation company in Geneva where he developed fractional ownership and block hours on mono and twin turboprops. He then passed his pilot instrument rating for a better comprehension of business aviation before founding his own consultant company and started to collaborate with a well-known M&A boutique to become branch expert in the aviation industry, embracing business aviation as well as aircraft manufacturing. His company regularly advises business aviation operators as well as M&A banks for which he has conducted several acquisitions.

Vincent Borgeot

Financial Advisor

Founder and CEO of Fox Finance, he was before Vice-President Development & Control of Group Arnault (holding company of LVMH and Dior Group).​Vincent served as Senior Vice-President Development & Control of Group Accor - Carlson Wagonlit Travel.​He is also an engineer in Aeronautics and holds an MBA from HEC Paris.