Bespoke design service

SPARFELL DESIGN brings together a true passion for the intersection of aviation and aesthetics. The team at SPARFELL DESIGN will help transform any aircraft into a second home in the skies. Industry-leading designers are brought in to ensure each project is tailored to the client’s desires, down to the smallest detail.

"At home in the sky"




“As a former Fashion Editor, I wanted to embrace a new and exciting challenge. I was used to working for very different types of magazines, target groups and clients and adapting to their moods and styles. Designing for aircraft is the same: you have to constantly reshape your vision to fit your customers’ lifestyle and personal taste.
Flying on a business jet should always be a unique experience. Aircraft owners want their interior to be special. I always find it a great challenge to perfectly respond to my clients’ needs and wants. Keeping abreast with the latest trends and collaborations allows me to continuously offer them the best of design and surprise them.”